Solutions across markets

The Coronal-Panasonic team serves a broad range of customers, but they all have the same requirement: a partner that understands their challenges, and can quickly determine the solution and produce a cost-effective, reliable system that is guaranteed to perform optimally for decades to come.


Developing a solar strategy shouldn’t be a business distraction that requires in-house resources and unwanted complexity. With Coronal-Panasonic, it’s an opportunity to establish predictable, long-term energy efficiency, meet corporate social responsibility goals and strengthen your company’s brand.


The decision to go green will have a significant impact on the next generation, but so will effectively managing your annual budget for educating them. We help schools develop energy strategies that reduce environmental impact as well as long-term energy costs, freeing up funds for use where they really count.


Finally, there is a viable solar option for municipalities. With our geographically independent delivery model, a streamlined process that reduces transaction costs, 100% construction financing, and lower interest rates through Panasonic’s financial relationships, municipalities now have the power to go green.


Utilities are reliant on an aging grid that is increasingly overburdened, while carbon-emission standards require that coal-fired plants be replaced. Solar is the most economical, reliable solution and the Coronal-Panasonic team offers a cost-effective, proven platform to bring it to communities nationwide.


The Coronal-Panasonic team represents a unique opportunity for Grain-to-Grid customers. Our no upfront cost solution enables you to focus your capital on more pressing needs like crops, equipment, feed and fuel while adopting a clean energy solution to feed America, sustainably.


In addition to serving tax-exempt entities by helping them reduce their energy cost and supporting their missions, Coronal has a special interest in providing low-income housing projects with solutions as well.


Coronal-Panasonic supports top-tier developers by working with them from project inception through completion. We provide the capital and clout they need to develop future projects, better manage their cash flow and participate in flexible ownership options.


Coronal-Panasonic supports top-tier EPCs by providing 100% construction capital on a project-by-project basis.


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