Solar’s first full-spectrum solution

Recognized thought leaders in the solar industry, the Coronal team adds decades of experience in finance, asset management and solar PV development to Panasonic’s 98 years of engineering excellence and innovation, and its global commitment to green energy. Together, Coronal-Panasonic offers a cost-effective, long-term, end-to-end solution – from project finance to asset management – for maximum sustainability, profitability and peace of mind.

Project Finance

One of the biggest hurdles for developing renewable energy projects has been the burden of obtaining capital from multiple sources. With Coronal’s finance expertise and innovative approaches, and Panasonic’s relationships with financial institutions, we can provide a variety of financing options that eliminate the need for upfront capital outlays, simplifying solar and mitigating project delivery risk.

Project Development

Success is in knowing and understanding the details. With our proven, standardized process for document review and financial analysis, Coronal Development is able to quickly and accurately evaluate the long-term viability of an asset, conducting due diligence with respect to land and title all the way through PPAs and interconnection to financial modeling.


The Coronal-Panasonic team offers all the benefits of working with a global leader: a proven international procurement strategy for faster implementation, access to best-in-breed technology for the ideal solution, and the engineering expertise to design a system guaranteed to perform optimally for decades to come.

Operations and Maintenance

We have established a set of operations and maintenance (O&M) and accounting standards to ensure peak performance—both operationally and financially—throughout the life of the system.

Asset Management

Once the project has been constructed and is operational, Coronal Asset Management manages the asset for the duration of the system’s life. The team keeps investors informed through quarterly reporting, handles all aspects of the lender-borrower relationship, and manages the communication and reporting requirements to the off taker.

Operating Asset Procurement

The Coronal-Panasonic team is looking to acquire operating North American solar PV assets with proven technology, stable cash flows and contracted revenue. We will evaluate portfolios ranging from 1 MW to 100 MW of producing assets.

With Coronal’s pool of committed capital and Panasonic’s strong brand and balance sheet, owners and developers gain the security of partnering with a bankable team that has the funds in-house as well as the technological and asset management expertise to maximize a project’s long-term output.

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